Advantages & disadvantages of being a HGV driver

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Perhaps you are planning to start your career as a HGV driver but you are thinking if it’s worth a shot or if you are going to regret the decision down the road. The fact is every career has its pros and cons, opportunities and obstacles. It’s better to clear your doubts and make a self-assessment regarding the things you can tolerate and the things that are unbearable for you.

It would be wrong to say that a career in HGV driving is a bed of roses. It requires focus, dedication and hard work right from the early stages when you train as an HGV driver and apply for a HGV licence test. The advantages of being a HGV driver surpass the disadvantages that it has. Once you settle and adapt your career, these cons start looking like a piece of cake. Let’s discusses the advantages of this career first.

Advantages of being a HGV driver


The money you make

HGV jobs are among the highly paid jobs in the UK. On average a HGV driver makes about £31,787 per annum while a HGV recovery driver makes about £37,500 per annum, making these jobs fall into the category of highly paid careers. There has been a 20% raise in these figures in the last few months which make this career even better. Not to forget various incentives, bonuses and travel accommodation discounts that you receive depending on your performance and the miles you’ve driven. Some companies also provide you with health and medical benefits.

Fulfils your wanderlust

As a HGV driver, you get to experience travelling from city to city which if offered to any person would result in a ‘yes’. The best part about this career after the money is you get to explore new beautiful and serene places, meet new people and get to taste numerous new foods in diverse bars and places. What could be better than literally getting paid to travel the country?

You are your own boss

Being a HGV driver you are saving yourself from everyday colleague and boss interaction. Imagine the freedom from a nagging boss. If you are an introvert by nature then it’s an ideal deal for you. You get to set your working hours according to your own flexibility. You get to take as many smoke and coffee stops you need and won’t be answerable for it. You won’t have to shave, shower and dress up every single day with the kind of a job you have. You get an opportunity to work in beautiful ever changing landscapes which no white collar office job offers you.

A reliable & promising career

You don’t have to worry about your HGV license because with that you can never be jobless or money-less. Government stats show that 1.65 billion tons of payload was carried in the UK. Listening to all the advantages of this career above, it’s valid to assume that HGV driver training would be something absurd but not with the New Wave Driving School where they help you grow in your career path and secure your future.

Disadvantages of being a HGV driver

The solitude

A drawback of being a HGV driver is being away from your family, friends and pets. There are very few things that can make up for it. It can get quite lonely on the road for long hours at times, which can make you feel a little depressed and low but there are ways you can bring yourself out of that zone. Good music and nice weather can make you feel better.

Irregular sleeping cycles

Being a lorry driver you hardly get to have a good night’s undisturbed 8 hour sleep. This career comes with weird sleeping places and routines and not to forget waking up in unfamiliar new places each time, which can contribute in deteriorating your mood a little.

The risk

I won’t describe it as a risky field because there are way more risky jobs out there that you don’t want to get into. On the contrary, there is always some risk involved in every career you take. Being a HGV driver means being on the road for most of the time. The longer you will be on the road, the longer will you be at the risk of getting into an accident. This risk factor mostly depends on your capability as a driver. To eliminate that risk and be a professional in what you do, take the HGV driver training today.

These pros and cons should give you a clarity towards your decision of becoming a professional. This also concludes that being a HGV driver is a fruitful career that you don’t want to miss.