Advantages & disadvantages of being a HGV driver

Perhaps you are planning to start your career as a HGV driver but you are thinking if it’s worth a shot or if you are going to regret the decision down the road. The fact is every career has its pros and cons, opportunities and obstacles. It’s better to clear your doubts and make a Read More


HGV Driver Training – Why is it important to concentrate behind the wheel

Importance of Concentration in LGV HGV Driver Training Driving is likely to bring a lot of thrill in your life but the question is, will it always guarantee your security? Your and everyone else’s safety should be the lst thing when it comes to HGV driving. Imagine yourself on the road for 18 hours plus, with Read More

HGV driver training

HGV driver training tips for driving at night

HGV Driver Training Tips “Better late than never”. Many people are not fond of driving at night because of various reasons, but many of us just can’t avoid it because of  various reasons as well. Talking of which, a LGV / HGV driver can’t complain about slippery roads and low visibility. Also the most important Read More