HGV Driver Training – Why is it important to concentrate behind the wheel

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Importance of Concentration in LGV HGV Driver Training

Driving is likely to bring a lot of thrill in your life but the question is, will it always guarantee your security? Your and everyone else’s safety should be the lst thing when it comes to HGV driving. Imagine yourself on the road for 18 hours plus, with a drowsy head and longing for a nice warm bed to sleep on.

You’d instantly want to do it, merely out of exhaustion. What you don’t want to do is stay behind the wheel and keep on going. You’ll think to yourself that you’d rather be doing something else that you want, something like napping or a hot bath. Let’s look into different factors of focusing behind the wheel.


Potential Distractions

It is proven that the human brain and multi-tasking don’t go well together. It reduces the ability of your brain to handle high level tasks. Your brain can focus on one thing at a time. So there can be many things to distract you from what you are focusing on. For example,

  • Using mobile phones/tablets and other such gadgets
  • Staring at people or objects on the road, i.e. glaring at an accident on the road while driving
  • Eating/drinking something
  • Changing the channels of the radio/choosing music or fixing the temperature of AC
  • Lighting a cigarette or putting it out
  • Talking to someone on the passenger seat
  • Zoning out in thoughts/deep thinking
  • Reading something
  • Listening to music that can put you to sleep or meditation music
  • Looking at the maps or setting up satellite navigation while driving
  • Looking after pets
  • A distracting noise your vehicle is making
  • Fatigue or a health issue


Risks of getting distracted

According to the statistics, in 2013 nearly 17 HGV accidents took place every single day. That’s a horrific number of crashes for a single day. Your life is on the line every time you are on the road so concentration and sensibility is what keeps you safe and sound. It is a bitter truth but anything can happen if you lose your focus on the road. Here are some unfortunate events you can get into.

  • Your vehicle can overturn if you make a sharp turn while speeding under distraction. Especially if you are over loaded.
  • If you miss one of the important signs while distracted, it could turn into a fatal accident. For example, driving through a bridge that’s not high enough according to the height of your vehicle.
  • You can overrun a pedestrian or a cyclist if you are distracted in a built-up area.
  • You are more likely to crash into smaller vehicles if you don’t pay attention before making a move and checking your blind spots thoroughly.
  • Under several weather conditions like snow and rain, your heavy goods vehicle (HGV) can slip and can be fatal for you and others if you don’t concentrate on the road completely.
  • Furthermore, you can out drive your desired destination causing you to waste your fuel and time.


Effective and easy ways to keep your concentration alive

There has been a noticeable fall in accidents caused by HGVs. The stats from 2014 show that the accidents involving HGVs reduced to 3.5% as compared to previous years. Now that’s good news. It is good to educate and train yourself before getting into a life-threatening situation. Always take a fullHGV training course from a reputable driving school. Here are some effective ways you can keep yourself attentive while driving.

  • If you are feeling restless and annoyed, try taking a short power nap before hitting the road. It should keep you refreshed for a long period of time.
  • Grab a cup of coffee. It helps in making you active and alert for several hours
  • Listen to more up-beat music. It will make your body and mind more functional.
  • Roll your window down and take some fresh air. It will provide oxygen to your brain, making your thought process fast.
  • Have some chewing gum by your side. It helps in keeping your brain up and running.
  • Have a chocolate bar or something sweet to get that sugar rush. But make sure you take it in a modest amount.
  • Some essential oils like peppermint oil can also help you stay alert.
  • Always pull over and take a break if you feel fatigued or exhausted.
  • Chewing on an ice cube can keep you refreshed for many hours on the road.

Your safety and safety of others is a matter of immense importance. Consult a HGV driving school who are experienced in providing high standard HGV driver training. It’s best to do your homework on your respective concerns and be a responsible HGV driver.