HGV driver training tips for driving at night

HGV driver training

HGV Driver Training Tips

“Better late than never”.

Many people are not fond of driving at night because of various reasons, but many of us just can’t avoid it because of  various reasons as well. Talking of which, a LGV / HGV driver can’t complain about slippery roads and low visibility.

Also the most important part being a LGV / HGV driver is, you are not only responsible for yourself but of the safety of others on the road as well. HGV jobs are usually tough and involve driving under various situations and its best to know beforehand how to go about those situations. Here are some precautions you need to take while on the road at night.


Make people aware that you exist, Use signals

There are plenty of vulnerabilities out there such as pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists. It is essential that you are aware of them and they are aware of you. Make sure you use turn signals and other required signals you need to use.

Use your hazard lights in case if your vehicle has suddenly broken down or in case you need to slow down on a highway because of something ahead. You can use your horn as a signal only if your vehicle is moving and you are not in a built-up area.


Visibility isn’t at its best at night

Low visibility can be a very fatal. You need to be extra careful in weather conditions like snow storms and heavy rainfalls. Use your headlights as soon as it starts getting darker. Do not use high beamed lights in normal conditions it might blind other drivers and cause an accident. Also Don’t look directly at the oncoming traffic because the light flashes can blind you for a moment.

Alert the people using high beams with a signal. Do not use high beams under weather conditions like foggy, they can reduce your own road visibility. To improve your driving skills  at night, take a professional HGV licence training course.


If tired, STOP and rest

There’s nothing like a good night’s sleep, not even a longer nap in the day time. If you are an HGV driver and you are on a long route and you feel exhausted, find a rest area and stop there immediately. Driving while you are yawning out of sleepiness is very dangerous. Things could go wrong for you and for other drivers sharing the road with you. Your attentiveness is the key to a safe journey.

Apart from these three things, there are many important aspects that an HGV driver needs to be trained in before getting the vehicle on the road. There are some very good HGV / LGV driving schools in London with some of London’s highest pass rates and competent instructors who provide high standard HGV driver training to new drivers, Drive safe!