Importance of aerobics in your everyday routine

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Importance of aerobics in your everyday routine

God bless Dr. Cooper, who came up with the word aerobics and brought a revolution in the fitness world. Here’s an important little biology lesson for you before we get started.

Aerobics is a cardio exercise that consists of moving the muscles in your body, for example, leg muscles, arm muscles etc. while you are at it, you will notice that you are breathing faster and your heart is pumping faster which will stimulate the amount of oxygen in your blood and increase the blood flow in your muscles causing you to burn the excess fat and release Endorphin (natural pain killers) that will make you feel healthier and stronger.

Let’s talk about some changes aerobics can bring in your body and your life. You can also consider to attend a fitness instructor and personal trainer courses at a reputable fitness school such as New Wave Training School.

  • Aerobics can improve your immune system which will help you to become immune to any incoming virus or disease.
  • It also helps in reducing your anxiety and stress. Remember the term endorphin? Aerobics helps in releasing a group of hormones in the brain, making you feel functional and healthy.
  • The most important job that this exercise does is burn tons and lots of fat which brings you down to your ideal weight.
  • If the improvement of brain functions is involved, it boosts your memory and mends your nervous system.
  • If aerobics are a part of your daily routine since months and years, it will definitely advance your life span by eliminating all sorts of health issues.
  • Aerobics class can help you make new friends, get to know more people and give you a nice positive environment to work in.
  • You and insomnia are best buddies? Won’t be anymore. Aerobics works towards giving you a better sleep every night. This too is partly related to endorphin.
  • It strengthens your heart by reducing the amount of cholesterol in your body.
  • A few years ago without aerobics, it was hard for you to run a marathon or hike up a mountain. But not anymore. Aerobics builds up your stamina so you can do all such things that you love.
  • The fun part is you can learn new dance steps every single day. You can invent your own dance moves and be an expert at it.
  • It flexes your joints and limbs and relieves you from various aches and pains.


The amount of energy that flows through you after including aerobics in your personal fitness training is incredible. Who would waste another second making up their minds about this particular exercise after finding out so many life changing benefits that it comes with. Keep yourself away from hospitals and deteriorating health by making it your everyday routine. And not to forget, three cheers for endorphin!